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From planning to executiondesign can be included in the reality of your company much more than you imagine. Design - over how something looks, is how it works. Contrary to conventional wisdom, professionals in the field often say that if it doesn't work, it doesn't have design. See the importance of this concept: design is more linked to functionality than to aesthetics itself.

"Design is a creative activity that aims to establish the multifaceted dimensions pertinent to objects, processes, communication, services and their systems. It is a central factor for innovation, humanization of technologies and cultural and economic exchange."

Society of the International Council for Industrial Design


Brand development

  • Company Name– How is going to be called? Is it available for registration?

  • visual project– creating the brand itself

  • brand manual– how to apply the brand in a way that does not mischaracterize it

  • Institutional Stationery

    • Business card

    • Letterhead sheet

    • Envelope

    • Stamp

  • Personalization of social networks– Cover photo, post template development and logo adaptation for Avatar​​


  • Media Kit

  • ​Lectures

  • balance sheet for investors

  • Digital catalogs of services and products

Offline Disclosure

  • flyers– unfolded flyers

  • brochures– more robust printed materials with folding

  • invitations– for business or personal events

  • posters– posters for institutional disclosure

  • billboards– publicize your brand in high-traffic points

  • POS - Point of Sale materials 

Other printed materials

  • Catalogs– books containing your products and/or services

  • Menu– if your business is a restaurant, cafe or bistro, I develop the menu

  • facades– insert your brand in front of your establishment

  • canvas banners– advertise your services within your establishment or in partner establishments

  • book covers– illustrations, photomontages and layout.

  • Layout of books and handouts– content formatting

Online disclosure


  • Advice when buying a domain and configuring business emails

  • Layout development – a programmer alone cannot make your site the way your audience needs it

  • Wix Websites- a platform that allows easy updating of content

  • Digital banners development

  • E-mail marketing

  • e-books

  • digital flyers to send via WhatsApp



Social media

  • Development of images for Facebook and Instagram plans

  • Facebook and Instagram management with or without content and text planning


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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Online disclosure

There are several ways to be present online, but you have to know that just being present is no longer enough. Your audience needs to be engaged with the brand, talk about it, share information and that all this leads them to continue consuming your product or service. So that the result is more visible, I manage the content and manage the following tools :

For the
your site


Tools like Google Analytics and Google Adwords can be good alternatives to improve the flow of hits to your website when used correctly. There are also ways to improve the indexing of your company's information in Google's search engine so that users can find information more efficiently. If your site is powered by Wix there is a lot more I can do about it.

Social media


I manage the content and administer the main social networks for your business. Both Facebook and Instagram, for example,  have great tools to advertise  only to those who are interested in your brand. Depending on the target audience your business is aimed at, it is possible to use countless other less conventional ways to reach them online.

The difference…


Responsibility and commitment  are just the foundation. When you hire a professional, this shouldn't even be a concern. Well, worry about what a designer really should have, such as innovation and versatility, for example.

Details can be decisive for your audience to assimilate the idea to be conveyed. Markers, bullets, highlights, graphics and even white space help reinforce your company's visual identity and also help with communication.

Image by Morning Brew


Constant recycling is mandatory for a self-respecting designer. In addition to learning new techniques and tools, it is essential to have sources of inspiration. Thus, it is possible to ensure that the useful life of the graphic pieces produced is long, without being considered outdated. You always need to invest in innovation.

Whenever I look for inspiration or simply need to see which styles are most in demand, I usually use two platforms:

Innovation to never lose an image again

Pinterest is where people discover new ideas and find inspiration to do the things they love! It's like being on the cutting edge when it comes to innovation.

Pins are ideas that help you get creative or try something new. You can use it planning a camping trip or collecting home improvement tips.

Pins are saved in boards, keeping your ideas organized and easy to find. Follow other people or boards who are saving ideas that interest you. So you can do even more of the things you love.

Access my profile on the platform here.

Image by Hussam Abd

Market-focused innovation

Behance Inc. (“Behance”) is an online platform where creative professionals can showcase their work. But if you're after innovation, you can also  discover other people's creative work. Behance is hosted exclusively in the United States and operates out of Behance offices in New York, NY. Behance can be accessed directly on the web at www.behance.netor, to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers(“Creative Cloud”), from various spots available on Creative Cloud.

Access my Behance here, where I post my work but also look for references, like the ones I saved on the platform itself, from other users.


It is necessary that the characteristics that make your company unique are highlighted and this would never be possible without versatility. Just as there are several work environments, some more casual, others more formal, the way your company presents itself to the world must be like a person's identity, unique. One way to explain what I'm saying is to exemplify with pictures. Every year Shutterstock – one of the largest image banks in the world – launches a visual trends report that well expresses the versatility not only of Graphic Design but also of Marketing and Advertising.

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