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Creating company names



In the case I present here, the client would like, in addition to keeping his name, to create a nomenclature that covers as much as possible the series of specializations he has.

A vital part of the process of building a brand that is often overlooked by most microentrepreneurs is theprocess de naming.

Naming  is an English verb meaning, in the field of design, “name a company.


Can you think of anything more important than your company name?

This is why the process leading to its creation needs a lot of research e brainstorm. If you are not familiar with the term,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_brainstorm is an abstraction method that aims to generate several name alternatives, without prior judgment, with the intention that even completely unfeasible alternatives can create lines of reasoning that guide the designer to thefinal name idea.

Several creativity techniques can be applied in this process, but it always starts and ends the same way:

  1. Search for similar – prevents the creation of names that already exist or that refer to existing companies.

  2. Search on the INPI website – even if a company does not exist online, the chosen name may already have been registered with the responsible agency, so it is always better to check.

  3. Internet domain research – ideally, your email address should always be as it repeats a logical pattern, easy to memorize.

  4. Availability of name on social networks – in the same way as the domain, on social networks the closer your brand name is to that of the user, the more unity and ease of contact by your customers.

We offer at least 3 options for names free of registration at the INPI, working with professionals specialized in the subject.

Do you want to know our creation process?

Image by Dries Augustyns
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