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Digital Flyers
The evolution of digital business cards


Do you need to send the same text every time a customer contacts you?


The virtual business card is one solution, but just sending your contacts to someone could be a missed opportunity to sell your fish.

In order to take advantage of the points of contact with your audience, we created adigital flyer, entirely adapted to the   screenfrom the cell, where the scroll is the mother of navigation.

In this way, you can enter diversified information from theyour business, improving communication with the customer.

See the following examples. 

fundo novo-04.jpg
fundo novo-05.jpg
fundo novo-06.jpg

There are a few different ways to organize

its content:


1 - Who we are, What we offer, contacts

2 - Who we are, what we offer and details about

each of the solutions, contacts

3 - Create a need, offer a solution, explain about the product, who we are, increase credibility with testimonials, contacts

You can also opt for a reduced version of your flyer,

Bringing the necessary information in a compact and accurate way, cas can be seen in the following example:


The flyer can be applied in several areas of activity.

With it, you can:

Insert the description of your field of knowledge;

help the customer

to recognize their needs and

identify the applications

of your service;

Show your used methods and procedures. 



Would you like to have your own Digital Flyer?



right now!

*To have an accurate budget base, it is important to have a document prepared with all


desired content.


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