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GLC Petri - Consultancy

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Based on the original format of the Enneagram, a tool that defines 9 types of people with their behaviors and characteristics, the brand created for GLC Petri Consultoria (@luanapetri_eneagrama) brings a bias completely focused on the sales area.

The first challenge was to deconstruct the shape in a creative way without de-characterizing its original format, and, even so, escaping from its exacerbated mysticism – a format linked to the Star of David.

The colors symbolize the diversity of personalities and characteristics dealt with in the Enneagram and the central traits the emotional triads (ramifications of the central personality of each type of person).

Gratitude Luana for being able to allow us to create freely and insert the professionalism that is seen in her posture and work into her brand. Much success!

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Do you want to know our creation process?

Image by Dries Augustyns
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