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Fernando Garcia -
Psychotherapy and Hypnosis


First we knew there must be a head, after all, it is where our thoughts are generated and the field of hypnosis. The shape of the top is based on aeyewhich represents vision, the eye that closes for hypnosis, the unconscious in an open form, as well as the therapeutic process developed by Fernando:open, organic, barrier-free.

Aspiralis inspired by the concept of hypnosis seen in films and drawings and connects – through a ladder which is one of the methods used to deepen the state of relaxation and hyperfocus, the two faces, one facing forward (which visualizes the future and moves forward) with a face facing the past, where he can clean and reframe everything that prevents him from moving forward.

The ladder itself presents two points of view, it can be seen from top to bottom, as well as from bottom to top, representing the therapeutic process and its dynamics.

the purple colorsymbolizes the intersection between pink and blue, Fernando's characteristic gender break, which involves much of his life story when he talks about his sexuality openly, which ends up allowing his patients to take their questions in a more open, light and free way. In addition, purple reminds the hurt, the wound that brings a healing process.

Gratitude Fernando for the trust. The freedom given to me was fundamental to the success of the project, I am happy that you were so satisfied and attributed so much feeling and recognition to the project.


"I see you
and you reveal myself".

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